Life Balance

In a class about leadership coaching, I learned a fascinating theory. Christopher McCluskey, president of Professional Christian Coaching Institute, developed this theory about life balance.

Picture a triangle with three words at the corners: worship, work, and play. Other than sleep, most of what you do each day falls into one of these categories.

Worship is glorifying and enjoying God. You can worship in church services, personal devotions, acts of service, watching a sunset, or hearing the laughter of children.

Work includes employment and duties around the home. While work can make you tired, it can also invigorate and refresh you.

Play is different for each person, but it is far more than relaxing. Play feeds your soul. Reading books, exercising, and sports all require your effort. But they also give you something back.

When worship, work, and play are in balance you find fulfillment, growth, and peace. But what happens when they become corrupted?

You corrupt work when you worship it, when work, not God, is your focus and security.

You corrupt play when you “work” to play. If you don’t know how to play or value it, play won’t feed your soul.

You corrupt worship when you “play” at your worship. When you don’t take worship seriously, God can’t fill you. Your spirit will starve because you’re not feeding on scripture or drinking of his Spirit.

So, if you worship your work, work at your play, and play at your worship, your life is out of balance. An imbalanced life is an accident waiting to happen.

So, get into balance. When you are at worship, forget about work. When you are at work, stop dreaming of your next vacation. When you are at play, embrace it without guilt.

To be balanced, be where you are–at work or worship or play.



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