With over 35 years experience in developing leaders, managing profit and non-profit organizations, and helping individuals and couples work through life transitions, I’ve enjoyed helping people and organizations live by their values, set healthy boundaries, and manage conflict creatively.

After studying psychology at the University of Michigan, I earned a Master in Social
Work from Ohio State University, and a Master of Arts from Cincinnati Christian University. More recently, I received coach training from Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

On a more personal note, Phyllis and I have been married for over 40 years and have two married children and eight grandchildren. We live in a historic home in downtown London, Ohio.

After decades of providing professional counseling, I’ve discovered the relatively new field of professional coaching. Coaching is different from counseling. Counselors

  • often include a past orientation;
  • are more directive than coaches;
  • examine family dynamics and recommend adjustments;
  • assist clients find healing for hurts.

Coaches, on the other hand

  • have a future orientation;
  • fulfill their dreams;
  • get unstuck;
  • build their confidence;
  • take practical action steps toward their goals.

Coaching is the art of listening well and asking powerful questions. These questions stimulate the brain connections to fire rapidly, generating “aha” moments, and creative thoughts. These creative solutions, because they are self-generated, are highly motivating and produce action steps that move clients toward their goals.







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