Clergy face many challenges in the current North American ministry environment. The tough ministry setting makes it difficult to meet ministry goals. Some pastors lose hope and need to reconnect with passion for ministry. Others burn out with overwork and need assistance to bring balance to life. Some pastor are seeking help to navigate a transition to another ministry assignment.

Coaching can assist clergy

  • deepen their spiritual walk with the Lord;
  • explore emotional intelligence;
  • develop a life and ministry plan;
  • shape vision and focus;
  • lead the church in mission;
  • supervise staff;
  • develop leaders;
  • manage conflict;
  • cultivate courage;
  • guard integrity;
  • live a healthy life.

I will support you in the following ways:

  • set goals;
  • explore options;
  • generate action steps;
  • keep you moving forward;
  • celebrate your accomplishments

A coaching conversation will have several characteristics:

  • The focus is on knowing what you want to get out of the conversation. You set a goal for the session. “By the end of this conversation I would like to _______________.”
  • I ask questions that help you think deeply about what’s going on and about what’s important. Some of these questions may be ones you’ve never considered before.
  • A fair amount of clarification occurs during the conversation. I will not assume too much, listen intently, and probe deeply.
  • The coaching conversation involves a strong call to action, but this doesn’t always mean that you identify a full blown plan. The action may be that you need to explore more options, do some more research or even reflect more on the issue at hand. But the call to action ensures that you move yourself.
  • The focus is fully on your current agenda, with the context of your life and ministry. If you decide that the priority in life is improving parenting, your marriage, or your health, then that will be the focus until you choose to move to another aspect of your life.
  • Because coaching tends to highlight the connections—or lack of them—in your whole life, you are likely to change your agenda fairly frequently for yourself when other priorities take over.

Click here to access a Life Calling Assessment, which will help you in determining the current state of balance in the vital parts of your life.

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