Imagine being in a setting where you can think out loud without interruption while someone listens to you, always keeping your agenda and your goals in front of you. That is coaching.

Perhaps you have a sense that with a little help or tweaking, you could move forward. You’re not sure if anything will change, but you are sick of where you are. You’re willing to step into the unknown just to be free of living in your present. You would be an ideal candidate for coaching.

Life coaching is a “facilitated monologue.” Through this unique structure you receive

  • the opportunity to consider, share, digest and explore with a trained, listening ear;
  • total focus on you and your best interests at all times;
  • creative and thought-provoking questions to help you determine your next steps.

With confidentiality as a top priority, I will work with you to address the real-life issues you face – regardless of the circumstances, environments, or relationships involved. Whether facing challenges at home, work, in relationships, health, finances, or almost any other matter, coaching can help.

A coaching conversation will have several characteristics:

  • A focus on knowing what you want out of the conversation. You set a goal for the session. “By the end of this conversation I would like to _______________.”
  • The coach asks questions that help you think deeply about what’s going on and about what’s important. Some of these questions may be ones you’ve never considered before or dared to ask yourself.
  • A fair amount of clarification occurs during the conversation. The coach avoids making assumptions and instead listens intently and probes for understanding.
  • The coaching conversation involves a strong call to action, but this doesn’t always mean that you identify a full blown plan. The action may be that you need to explore more options, do more research or even reflect further on the issue at hand. But the call to action ensures that you move yourself forward.
  • The focus is on your current agenda. If you decide that the burning priority in life is improving parenting, your marriage, or your health, that becomes the focus until you choose to move on.
  • Because coaching tends to highlight the connections—or lack of them—in your life, you are likely to change your agenda frequently – when other priorities take over.

Click here to access a Life Calling Assessment which can be printed and filled out. This assessment can reveal the current state of balance in vital parts of your life. It can also serve as a guide to our coaching sessions.

To request a free inquiry session, schedule coaching, or ask a question, please fill out the contact form.

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